Habit Tracker for reMarkable 2 & 1 Paper Tablet


About the Product

Undated or Forever Habit Tracker specially designed for the reMarkable 1 and reMarkable 2 tablets to keep track of your day to day habits.


You will receive a Habit Tracking single page template in PDF format. This template is designed in such a way that you can use it forever and hence no dates are added. It is a monthly habit tracker with a minimalist or simple design allowing you to track your day to day habits and goals. Just import the PDF to your reMarkable tablet use it instantly. You can also duplicate the file and keep using it over and over again as it is an undated/forever template.


The templates are specially designed for reMarkable tablet layouts hence keeping the tool bar in mind. This allows you to have a clear view on the important information without any disturbance allowing you to have a better user experience. All the margins are measured and tailor made for better usability and smooth user experience.


These are PDF templates which are specially designed for the reMarkable tablets. So using these PDFs in other tablets is not ideal. These PDF files cannot be modified in your reMarkable tablet. So please keep this in mind before proceeding with your purchase.

All the digital artwork presented in these files are original and designed by Productive E-Templates and hence remain as an intellectual property of Productive E-Templates. The digital files are for personal use only and please do not share, redistribute or resell the purchased items.